10 Ways To Annoy The Open Mic Host  

10 Ways To Annoy The Open Mic Host  After 5+ years of hosting jam sessions and open mics, these are the things guaranteed to annoy me. 

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My Year-In-Review 2019 

My Year-In-Review 2019

Hey friends, how are you? 2019 has been nothing short of a wild ride and if you haven’t been following the journey with me, this article will recap some of my favorite highlights from this year. I’ve

R+R Medicinals CBD: Expert Review & Unboxing 

CBD Review & Unboxing: R+R Medicinals  In-depth Analysis and Review of R+R Medicinals 1,000mg CBD tincture and 30mg CBD capsules with Aaron Matthew. 

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The Perfect Oregon Road Trip in Summer 

The Perfect 1-Week Oregon Summer Road Trip  Want to Road Trip Oregon? Here is the perfect route to take! Pack your bags, gear up, and get ready to get down, because we're going tripping all over Oregon State!

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New Album by Bottles & Blues (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

New Bottles & Blues Album Free Exclusive Pre-Release Offer to Members Only

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I’m super excited to announce that I’ve just finished a collaborative blues project with the legendary FreedM (aka Mike Freed)! It’s a 6-song EP album featuring…

5 Best Live Music Venues in Cabarete 2019 

5 Best Live Music Venues in Cabarete, DR 2019   Explore the underground music scene of Cabarete Beach through the eyes and ears of a local artist.  

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Why MAGA Hat Kid Incident Shifted Collective Consciousness 

Find out why the MAGA Hat kid incident in DC ignited a shift in the collective consciousness, marking a transformational moment for society.

An incident in Washington, D.C. involving MAGA hat wearing teenagers, a Native American drummer, and a…

Cabarete’s Best Cafés for Digital Nomads & Creatives 

There’s no place in the world like this tiny Dominican beach town on the North Coast. Explore the best cafés for digital nomads, artists, and writers working remotely from Cabarete Beach. 

The international water sports hub on the…