5 Chill Playlists To Vibe to [Chill/Study/Relax] ft. Tracks from the BEND EP 

Hey, family! How’s it going? Can you believe 2019 is almost over?! Yeah, we’re entering the 20’s again! 

I’m still feeling good off the release of my latest album “BEND”, have you heard it yet? If not, click here to listen to it. 


Have you been searching for some dope playlists to vibe to? Well I have something for you! 

Check out these 5 chill Lofi playlists that feature songs off of the “BEND EP”. They are all mostly instrumental, down tempo playlists with a jazzy/hiphop feel that are great for putting on as background music to chill/work/study. 

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5 Chill Spotify Playlists Featuring Songs from the“BEND EP”

1. Bizarreland featuring “Lonely” 

2. Feardog 3AM Lofi Hip Hop Mix featuring “Contact High” 

3. Lofi to Chill Hop featuring “That Song” 

4. Lofi Smoothies featuring “Contact High” 

5. Oh-nly good vibes ft. “That Song”

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