Indie Musician Posts Another Video About Millenial Life in the Caribbean  

What's it like to play music at a Caribbean Horse Ranch?

Check out my new Youtube Video and find out!

Hey family, what's up?

                    I played my monthly gig for the Full Moon Organic Dinner Party at Villa Organica, Sea Horse Ranch Garden last night. I just wanted to make a quick post and show you a little bit of behind the scenes action from my world. 

There's no wi-fi at this venue :) . We're outside under the stars! I always enjoy the high vibrational organic food and community vibes. Anyway, I made a little video for you to see my pre-show set up. I am unable to film this gig for now, but I was able to make some live recordings off the board. I'll be publishing them on my YouTube channel throughout this coming week. 

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Thanks for reading! Below is one of the live recordings I took off the board from the show at Villa Organica! You can find more on my YouTube Channel! Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! If you like it, share it! Bless


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