1. Sage Song

From the recording Steppin' Stones

Sage Song is dedicated to Mother Earth. It was channeled near a stream in Oregon, U.S. and is an energetic message from the spirit of mother nature herself. Throughout our rise and fall, creation and destruction, she continues her own story of transformation while transiting the cosmological morphogenic field.

Aaron Matthew - Guitar / Vocals
Helena Dardelet - Vocals
J.J. Stabilito Jr. - Cello
Alex Dyring - Upright Bass
David Fuglie - Mandolin



What is hope in the mouths of mortals,
But a breath to the Cedar tree,
or a his faith ash on the cellar door.

Forever tasting her nectar
And working her flesh,
Life after life.

She gives, in ecstatic bliss, oblivious to eternity
Dressed in sage, she sits
ablaze, burning.

Verse 1

She's dressed in sage
And she don't why
She's born in flames
She begins to cry
I don't know why I burn
I don't know why I burn

The shifting earth, she's giving birth
She's forgotten death.
We're hurting her, not protecting her
We can't let forget

We came from the earth, fire, wind, water

The living earth, she's lifting us,
We're letting go
We're neglecting her, not respecting her
Spirit within

The earth, fire, wind, water.
The earth, fire, wind, water.
The earth, fire, wind, water.