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Steppin' Stones

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A shift in perspective can change the energy around obstacles and transmute difficulties into opportunities, and hard times into steppin' stones.

Aaron Matthew - Guitars / Vocals
Jeff B. - Bass
Tom Freeman - Drums


In the world but of the heart
In this dream, in this dream
Things they come and things they go
Endless stream, endless stream

Yeah the river knows,
We’r just walkin on

Just steppin stones
All they are
Don’t be afraid

All the world’s a stage
And we play, and we play
Burn the sage, and turn the page
And we pray, and we pray
we’re just walking on

Just steppin stones
All they are
don’t be afraid

If I should go and you should stay
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid
It’s ok, it’s ok

Just steppin' stones
all they are
don't be afraid