Why MAGA Hat Kid Incident Shifted Collective Consciousness 

Find out why the MAGA Hat kid incident in DC ignited a shift in the collective consciousness, marking a transformational moment for society.

An incident in Washington, D.C. involving MAGA hat wearing teenagers, a Native American drummer, and a group claiming to be the ‘Hebrew Israelites’ went viral on social media recently. 

Find out why this is really an opportunity for great cultural transformation. Will we choose to be divided or will we unite? 

Are the kids from Covington Catholic School a bunch of punk-ass privileged white boy racists as they, quite frankly, appeared to be and were easily painted as so by the media and others? 

Were the “Hebrew Israelites” blatantly racist and out of line – especially considering they are adults harassing school kids? 

Is Nathan Phillips a vindictive Native Elder, a peacemaker, or a just media hungry victim artist? What really happened that day in D.C.?

Well, my perspective is much more complex and dynamic than any other you've likely heard on the event. If you have a few minutes, please read my thoughts about what I experienced from this alchemical event. 

MAGA Hats, Native Drums, & Black Muslims in D.C. 

In only a matter of days, the images and videos of the incident made their way around the world and the mainstream legacy media wasted no time in distorting public perception. 

Early images and video gave just one perspective with headlines indicating that a group of MAGA hat wearing teenage boys was filmed harassing a Native American elder. 

The MSM’s headlines were clearly designed to create a demonizing portrayal of Trump supporters, but it quickly backfired when a full video of the incident revealed the further context of provocation and diffusion. 

MSM Caught Emotionally Manipulating Public Perception 

Reports described how an innocent old Native American man, Nathan Phillips, drumming and singing songs of peace was surrounded, mocked, and taunted by a group of hateful and racist teenage boys at the U.S. Capital.  

That was it. No context. No reports of what actually transpired in the moments leading up to what happened. 

The media showed video clips of the Native Elder crying in an interview after the incident saying he was overwhelmed, afraid and said he heard the boys chanting, “Build that wall, Build that wall.” 

The only context provided was by clips of the incident showing the Native Elder drumming and singing in a tense eye-to-eye embrace with one of the teens, Nick Sandmann, now also known as the MAGA Hat Kid. 

In the background of the video clip was the group of teenagers from the Covington Catholic School, several wearing MAGA hats, who appeared with twisted and contorted expressions of defensive posturing. 

That was it. Liberals, leftists, and a host of ‘social justice warriors’ quickly took to violent attacks, hate speech, and calls for things like the public hanging of the teenage boy, Nick, who was singled out by Nathan Phillips, the drumming Native Elder. 

Nathan Phillips, Nick Sandmann, What Really Happened? 

Only a day or two after the Left, neo-conservatives, Twitter Blue checkmarks, and MSM released their righteous hate upon the ‘racist little MAGA Hat kids’, new extended-version video of the incident emerged. 

A full video of the incident was published online offering anyone willing to watch it a broader perspective of what actually transpired that day prior to the incident of Nathan Phillips beating his sacred drum in the face of a MAGA Hat wearing kid. 

According to multiple eyewitness reports and the full video version of the incident, what happened was much different than what had been described by the legacy media. 

Now, a group claiming to be “Hebrew Israelites” and being called “Black Muslims” by the media could be seen on camera verbally harassing the MAGA Hat-wearing teenagers. 

The extended video depicts the apparent leader of the religious group, which consisted of several adult men, shouting hateful homophobic and racist slurs at the group of school kids. 

The video shows the men shouting hate speech at the boys including words like “child-molesting f****ts”, “dirty-ass crackers”, and “racist bastards”. 

It’s unclear from the footage of how the interaction began, but the videos show the religious group clearly assaulting the teenagers with verbal abuse and hate speech. 

Could the kids have been perpetuating similar hate speech, but just didn’t get caught on camera? Sure, that’s possible and likely. But let’s keep going because I want to talk about the bigger picture, beyond hate and race. 

The video shows that the group of boys goes on to pound and chant out one of their school’s prideful songs in response, similar to what you would see from diehard Soccer and Football fans. 

At this point, the religious men are shouting at the kids and the kids are jumping around displaying a defensive group posture. 

Enter Nebraska Omaha Tribe Native Elder, Nathan Phillips, with spirit drum in hand. 

MAGA Hat Kid Finds Himself in Peace Ceremony 

The full version of the video shows the moment that the Native Elder enters the incident with his drum and song. 

He walks with other Natives, from different tribes, and directly engages with one of the teenage boys in the group, Nick Sandmann. 

This is the moment that was shown by the media to spark outrage from the left. Their perspective depicted a mocking and privileged ‘White boy’ disrespecting and intimidating a peaceful Native, but was that what was really going on? 

The full video actually reveals an unnamed Native American man who was with Nathan Phillips telling the group of Covington students –“You white people go back to Europe, this is not your land.” 

Are you starting to see yet that this incident is more dynamic and complex than the one-sided perspective the media originally perpetuated? 

Although probably very resonant with him, I don’t think this is the message that Nathan Phillips intended to bring with his drumming and singing.  

I want to share with you my perspective of the original short video that was used to alter public perception of reality. 

It’s unclear why Mr. Phillips chose to bring his drum directly to the young teen, Nick, but it might have changed this kid’s life forever. 

In fact, this event may have even shifted the entire collective consciousness and these two people were responsible for anchoring in the grand opportunity to reflect. 

This is what I saw and felt energetically before I read any of the headlines or liberal outrage. 

I saw both the Native Elder and this MAGA Hat kid experiencing a multidimensional download of spiritual understanding and wisdom from one another. At some level, I think they’re spirits were aware of the significance of the moment, but their minds were racing with the experience. 

For me, what has happened in the days since all of this passed has only strengthened my perception of what I first sensed. 

Nathan Phillips, the Native Elder, is no stranger to media and cameras though, including being featured in a Skrillex music video. 

Maybe Nicholas inserted himself into the altercation between the men and teenage boys to get on camera, for whatever reason. That’s possible. 

However, I feel his intentions were in line with what he says, and with what I feel my Lakota friends would describe. 

Nathan brought his drum and song of prayer and peace into the altercation to try and calm the tension and introduce a new vibration into the environment. 

Multi-Dimensional Perspective 

As a musician, drummer, and enthusiast of quantum physics and ancient esoteric wisdom, I can tell you this is what he was doing and this is what I felt. I’m pretty sure Nick felt it too. 

Aligning physical, mental, and emotional expression through drumming, singing, prayer, and dance is a conscious intention that can manifest and alter reality. 

This is ancient knowledge that many Native American and indigenous cultures carry today, and modern science is only just beginning to catch up. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to participate in sacred Lakota ceremonies involving drums, dance, lodges, and more. The healing energy, the interwoven universal consciousness, the importance of honor and respect, the spiritual power of ritual and ceremony is very real. 

As I watched the kids in the group act like the teenagers they are, I saw a powerful embrace between Nick and Mr. Phillips. 

Nick, a young white kid from an all-boys Catholic school, likely has little experience witnessing a Native American prayer drum being played, or what it means. However, that’s just an assumption. 

In a response to the media, the MAGA Hat kid says his smirking smile to the drumming Nathan Phillips that was widely shared by MSM was to indicate to him that ‘I was not going to become angry or provoked.’ 

He adds, “This is the first time in my life I’ve ever encountered a public protest, let alone this kind of confrontation or demonstration.” 

The Left would like to believe his gaze at the drumming Native man was full of hate and disrespect, or that he intended to intimidate the Native man. 

Perhaps, it was. Yet, I saw his spirit ignited with wonder for what he was experiencing. I did not see fear. I did not see intimidation. I saw something mutual being exercised between the two energetically. 

This kid didn’t look away at the ground, or make mocking gestures, or do anything except be present and embrace Nathan Phillips’ up close and personal eye-to-eye performance. 

It was likely somewhat of a psychedelic and traumatic experience for the sheltered young lad; maybe one that will alter the course of his and his friend’s lives forever. 

Not About Taking Sides, But Seeing A Bigger Reason 

Now, given U.S. culture and history, it’s understandable for some of you to think, “He has a MAGA hat on and is a Kentucky white-boy catholic … of course he’s a racist bigot, and of course he’s mocking and intimidating this Native man, even if all he is doing is standing there intensely.” 

Sure, that’s a rational and valid thought given our cultural history. Considering what European colonizers, immigrants, and their descendants have done to Native cultures, some would say this boy deserves the hate he’s received. 

But are hate, intimidation, and mockery the reality of this kid’s response to Nathan’s drumming, or is it what some of us would like to project upon him, especially the MSM media? 

I think that the kid is probably still processing the multidimensional spiritual download he received from his experience with Nathan’s drumming and the “Hebrew Israelites”. 

I feel that Nathan did indeed diffuse the tense situation with his drumming ritual and I feel that Nicholas Sandmann played an important role in reflecting “America” back to itself, for both the Left and Right. 

Blue Checkmarks Delete Hateful Tweets About MAGA Hat Kid 

After the full video showing the broader context of the event was released, an army of Twitter’s ‘blue checkmarks’ and self-proclaimed social justice warriors began deleting their hateful posts towards the MAGA Hat kid, Nickolas Sandmann. 

Yet, there has been little to no recognition of how the media twisted the public’s perception so easily. Or how so many ‘good-hearted’ people were so easily misled and emotionally manipulated with “fake news” style reporting. 

The Right holds on to the narrative of Nathan Phillips being an aggressive old Indian and that the Covington MAGA Hat Kids were completely innocent and were just provoked by ‘Black Muslims’. 

The Left would have you believe the MAGA Hat Kids are racists, bigoted little fucks and that they represent everything that’s wrong with the United States today. I can understand why. 

The Media maintains a false narrative highlighted with emotionally manipulating headlines hoping to continue dividing us by race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. 

The latest MSM coverage includes reports from one of the school group’s chaperones defending the Covington kid’s with headlines that read– “Black Muslims to blame for high school students confrontation with Native American.” 

Can you say, race-baiting? 

Universal Gift from MAGA Hat Kid Incident 

I know this is a long post, but I if you have made it this far, thanks for reading. 

My final remarks on the incident are that one - it’s dangerous to accept headlines at face value and we should be much more skeptical and less trustworthy of the legacy media’s intentions and agenda. 

More importantly though this MAGA Hat Kid incident is a gift. 

That’s right, this incident is a cosmic gift. It provides us with the chance to reflect upon how we choose to communicate and interact with each other moving forward from here. 

It exposes the hard truth that we have a lot of shit to deal with on a societal level, and that our media doesn’t have our best interests at heart. 

We, as a collective, must take time to think and reflect about how we’re going to reconcile some really, really difficult issues. 

Nathan’s drumming ceremony to bring peace to what’s being called a racial confrontation at a pro-life rally in D.C. gives a nation a chance to see through the media’s lies and to create a new template to grow from. 

Before I go, I want to reiterate that none of this justifies racial discrimination or racial privilege to any extent. 

Many of those school kid’s are likely being indoctrinated with hate and ignorance by their parents and educators, which is no different than the hate that the adult “Hebrew Israelites” were filmed provoking them with; and no different than the hate of the Native man in the video telling young white kids to go back to Europe. 

The spirit of Nathan’s drumming was to bring peace and diffuse the situation. Peace, love, and kindness is something central to Native Americans philosophies. 

The fact that a man from a first world culture that has been so traumatized and persecuted can stand in the face of hate and racism from all sides, including the people that walked with him, and hold strong to his peaceful chant is, to me, admirable strength and honor. 

Holding on to peace in the face of violence is where we will find strength, courage, and unity once again. 

Remember, that the America’s are indeed Native land colonized by Europeans, and that modern western society was built on the genocide of those cultures, which continues today. 

Remember that the nation we call the United States was built by black slave labor and never forget the ongoing injustices that black people in the U.S. and abroad continue to endure. 

Remember that many different cultural groups of European Immigrants in the U.S. have also been subject to systemic discrimination, racism, hate, and marginalization in the U.S. and abroad. 

Remember that the U.S. government and constitution has been subverted by globalist criminal enterprises that control the media, military industrial complex, and much, much more. 

The Great Awakening is hitting fifth gear and it is spontaneous events like this that provide the chance for collective healing through alchemical transformation. 

All Things Connected, All Beings Respected 

As a descendant of European immigrants to the United States, it’s difficult to navigate issues like this. 

How do I reconcile with what my ancestors have perpetuated? Hate, genocide, ignorance, slavery. There’s no easy answer to that question and I don’t think that it necessarily rests upon any one individual, but rather the collective, to figure it out.  

What can someone like me do? I can only stand in solidarity for truth, justice, honor, and respect of all cultures and sentient beings according to what I hold in my heart as true. 

I have enough work understanding and removing my own negative belief systems and cultural indoctrinations that suppress my growth.   

For me, it’s vital to recognize that hate and racism are not ideas humans are born with, but ideas that we are taught by our parents, culture, and society. And also that, hate and evil are not limited to any one race, culture, or religion, but that every person has the potential within in them to do great harms. But also, every person has within them the potential to great good, as well as to choose good in the face of evil. 

The Great Awakening 

In the end, I support Nathan’s drumming for peace. I am grateful for the MAGA Hat Kid’s strong and fearless embrace of the situation, and yes, I am grateful for the men who provoked the teenagers, regardless of the hateful rhetoric they used to do so. 

If you the only thing you’ve taken from this incident is that ‘black Muslims” are extremists, Trump supporters are racists, and Native American’s hate white people, then you have completely missed the point. 

That is the narrative that, let’s call it the ‘establishment’, was hoping you’d adopt. Divide and conquer. Divided we fall. No longer can we allow ourselves to be divided by race, religion, or political ideologies. 

For every hateful “Black Muslim” the media shows you, there are a thousand more loving ones ready to do good in the world. 

For every “racist Trump supporter” the media shows you, there are thousands more standing in solidarity with Americans of different skin colors, ethnicities, religions, and cultures ready to do good in the world. 

For every “disenfranchised angry Native American victim” the media shows you, there are thousands more empowered and courageous ones embracing narratives of forgiveness, compassion, and peace to help forge a better future. 

What Do You Think About the MAGA Hat Kid Incident? 

Gratitude, Peace, and Kindness are the keys to changing a violent encounter into a peaceful reunion. 

None of our society’s (western culture + ‘Americans’) issues are going anywhere anytime soon. But events like this provide the collective with the chance to choose peace, compassion, and understanding when offered hate, ignorance, and extremism. 

I hope this event has inspired some serious reflection and introspection for you as well. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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Aaron Matthew

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