Private Guitar Lessons In-Person & Online

 Online via Zoom  

Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry! I offer one-to-one guitar lessons live online via Zoom.

Online lessons require a suitable internet connection and audio/video setup so that we can see and hear each other well enough for the lesson.   


I offer in-home guitar lessons to students in the Coconut Grove / Coral Gables area in Miami, Florida. 

I will commute to your location and give the guitar lesson. You only need to provide your guitar, notepad, and a distraction-free environment suitable for learning. 

I offer flexible scheduling for in-home guitar lessons during my normal working hours.


Come to my private studio to take your guitar lessons in a clean, safe, and tranquil environment suited for learning.
Just bring your guitar and notepad.


Take Guitar Lessons With Aaron

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Aaron Matthew

Coconut Grove / Coral Gables based Bilingual Guitar Teacher

Aaron teaches both acoustic and electric guitar to beginner and intermediate students of 10+ years of age in home and online in the Coconut Grove / Coral Gables area of Miami, Florida. 

His teaching philosophy is based on developing fundamental guitar skills while both having fun and being challenged. 

"Learning to play guitar helped me develop courage, confidence, and humility, and it's been a lifelong outlet for me to channel my emotions, explore creativity through expression, and cultivate my imagination. I hope to provide my guitar students with a powerful learning experience that encourages self-responsiblity, promotes playfulness, and demands discipline."

"Anyone can play the guitar! All they need is a great guitar teacher. Whether you've never touched a guitar in your life or you've been strumming the same four chords for years, now is always the best time to learn how to play guitar and I want to be your teacher." - Aaron Matthew

As a guitar teacher, my goal is to understand my student’s needs and aspirations and provide them with custom guidance tailored to their unique method of learning and personality.  

I aim to provide students with a safe learning environment, supportive coaching, knowledgeable instruction, and personal skills which they can take pride in developing.

“Where ever you are on your guitar journey, I’ll meet you there!” 

Aaron Matthew

Guitar Class Lesson Plan

I create a unique lesson plan for each student according to their level of ability and their learning style that’s designed to help them meet their short-term and long-term guitar-playing goals.
I provide print and digital resources including charts for learning chords and scales, downloadable .mp3 play-along backing tracks, music theory worksheets, and more.


Learn the basics of guitar  
Fundamental techniques  
Strings, Notes, and Chords
 Strumming open chords  
Playing notes   
Changing open chords in time   
Playing major scales

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