H.R. "6666": $100 B Dollar Bill. Did They Really Have To Call It That? 

Breaking Down H.R. "6666" $100 Billion Bill for "Contact Tracing"

Say it with me, "H. R. 6 6 6 6."

Did they have to call it that? Were all of the other numbers taken?

..... Symbology reveals just as much as it conceals. 

If you haven't heard of Ben Swann, he's a great investigative reporter that was fired a few years ago from a mainstream media job for reporting on controversial topics.

Specifically, he got fired for covering the wikileaks revelations surrounding Podesta / Clinton / The Obama administration's e-mail leaks and strange use of code language regarding food terminology found in the FBI's "pedo" handbook. I think you probably know what I'm talking about. 

Anyway, he's got his own independent media company now, thankfully, and he's covering the stories that the legacy media won't. Below, you'll find a great report published very recently regarding the new H.R. 6666 bill.

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