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10 Ways To Annoy The Open Mic Host  

10 Ways To Annoy The Open Mic Host  After 5+ years of hosting jam sessions and open mics, these are the things guaranteed to annoy me. 

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m in indie artist and the creator…

5 Best Live Music Venues in Cabarete 2019 

5 Best Live Music Venues in Cabarete, DR 2019   Explore the underground music scene of Cabarete Beach through the eyes and ears of a local artist.  

What’s up everyone, thanks for coming by. I’m Aaron, a local indie musician, writer,…

Why MAGA Hat Kid Incident Shifted Collective Consciousness 

Find out why the MAGA Hat kid incident in DC ignited a shift in the collective consciousness, marking a transformational moment for society.

An incident in Washington, D.C. involving MAGA hat wearing teenagers, a Native American drummer, and a…