About Peaceful Pandemic 

Peaceful Pandemic:

A Philosophical Jazz Rap for Self-Awareness, Shifting Perspectives & World Peace

“Peaceful Pandemic is a chill jazz hip-hop track with philosophical lyrics. It's about not getting lost in the chaos of the world, and how a simple shift in perspective toward a more positive reality on an individual level can take over the world like a pandemic.” 


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I started writing this song at home one day. The idea was simple. Throw down a nice loop of some interesting jazz chords and set it to a dope beat. Once I had those two things in place I started writing lyrics. 

I was searching for a way to express the madness of what was happening to the world in a way that people could relate to. I wrote –

“Hey, can anyone explain this, the whole world’s enslaved and the sound of our chains is the thing that entertains us. And the rest just flowed.” 

By the time I had some verses flowin’ I had a theme going. The theme matched the chill beat and vibe of the guitar. It ended up being a philosophical jazz rap about how we manifest our reality through our belief systems and conscious interaction with the universe. 

The title, Peaceful Pandemic, implies that kindness and compassion, gratitude and a shift in perspective can change the world, taking it over like an epidemic. 

I ended up getting several of my friends on the record, which is really cool. The milky guitar leads come from an incredible Dominican musician Emanuel Silvero. I really like to smooth guitar parts he added. They compliment the rap verses really well.

The cello parts came from JJ Stabilito, a world-class cellist from Venezuela. I asked him to play something pretty as an intro for the beat to drop and I really like what he did. I swear he has a built-in reverb and delay on his cello.

The harmonies were crafted by my little sis' Helena Dardelet, a French-Dominican indie singer/songwriter. She wasn't sure what harmony I wanted so she sent me five different ones! I only ended up using two of them and they sound great. I really like the gentle scatting she pulls off on the end of the last chorus. 

I really like playing this one live with the loop station. I put so many words in the verses though that I fumble them live sometimes. By the time I hit the middle of the second verse the energy coming from the lyrics is burning hot in my chest – 

“What you think you see isn’t what you really see / it’s a vibratory manifestation of mass and energy.

We are the earth / our words are the birds / this verse a volcano field with fire that burns /

the expression of collective consciousness connected to the 3-dimensional perspective will we ever learn our lesson ... ”


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