1. Mystery

From the recording Bottles & Blues EP

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Aaron Matthew




I am trying to remember the future
it's a story that never grows old
the pavement is streaked with the promise of wheels
and the sun bathes the world in a river of gold

the drumbeat of days sound an echo
thru years that move past like a train
it's so quiet out here by this graveyard
where my memory's been stripped of all pain

and a mystery lies within a mist
and the mist appears as a shroud
have you come all this way but to find yourself lost
where hope's just a jest for the proud

and the mystery twists it's tail thru time
in the shape of life's most hidden roads
(then) winds it's way back through the mist
to someplace...as they say....we don't know


I’m trying to remember this dream I had
I was left to drown in a cage
did I struggle so hard to come up for air
or did I merely turn the page?

The past it approaches our presence
it claws like a beast at our souls
at best it's an illusion in essence
at worst it's just something we stole

and a mystery lies within the mind
and the mind has it's own secret code
everything that your heart it holds dear
your mind it works to erode

and the heart itself is a mystery
it can be found by some old lover's door
left open just a little too wide
and there you do dwell evermore


(Outro on verse)

yes I am thinking about the future
like it was something I was meant to recall
how will be the weather tomorrow
or whether it's coming at all

Lyrics by: Michael Freed
2019 Copyright
All Rights Reserved