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Alone is an intimate etheric acoustic track that was born out of the global pandemic and lockdown of 2020. It sounds like Bob Dylan meets Jack Johnson and touches on contemporary themes.

Alone’s soft acoustic guitar work and subtle percussion create an environment for its wanderlust lyrics to step front and center.

It’s made for listening to while on pandemic quarantine, societal lockdown, and forced social distancing.


I know what it’s like to feel alone, even when your not. I know that forced social distancing and isolating quarantine policies due to the covid pandemic would amplify those feelings of aloneness for millions.

I wanted to write a song that sent those suffering aloneness a message of compassion, understanding, and love. “That’s why I sing my song, to let you know you’re not alone.”

I was leaning towards writing an acoustic-oriented track that was simple and eloquent and had been messing around with a few different motifs. Then the chorus melody was born and the song developed a more defined direction.

By the third verse, I’m speaking directly to the listener to evoke multi-layered introspective reflections of identity and the face we show, not only to the exterior world, but also to ourselves in the inner world.

Guitar/Vocals/Percussion/Mix Engineer: Aaron Matthew Mastering by HMNI Productions

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