My Favorite Panoramas of 2019  

My Favorite Nature Panoramas of 2019

Cool panoramas of nature I took with my Iphone 7 in 2019.

Camping Near Bend, Oregon

Beautiful view from a campground near Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. 


Devil's Lake Near Mt. Bachelor

A lovely view of wifey being an adventurous photographer on Devil's Lake near Bend, Oregon. 

Big Obsidian Flow

The photo doesn't do this elevated view much justice. This is The Big Obsidian Flow near Bend and Mt. Bachelor. It formed a very, very long time ago as gaseous magma and lava cooled quickly without crystalizing. This big flow creates a lunar like landscape covered in glassy, jet black obsidian stones. 

Skidaway Island Mountain Bike Trail

Skidaway Island is a maritime marshland forest with scenic views and thick jungle. I took this photo along the mountain bike trail near Preast's Landing and the Marine Science Center. 


Yachats, Oregon 

I grew up on the east coast, so seeing the sun set over the ocean is always a blessing, especially from the quant little seaside town of Yachats. 

Deschutes National Forest

Deschutes National Forest is very large and very beautiful. On our Oregon road trip this year, wifey and I encountered vast stretches of forest that had burned in wildfires the previous years. 


Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Back to Bend for another view of Mt. Bachelor and the national park. 

Encuentro Beach, Dominican Republic

There wasn't much happening at the time I took this photo of cherished local surf spot, Encuentro Beach. This place is typically packed with surfers most mornings. However, there are serious concerns of losing the iconic community surf spot to private development projects. 

Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic

I know, it's not a great photo, but I like it enough to put it on my list. This beach never disappoints and I took this photo right between the line of day and night. Would you be surprised that at least a couple of people drown every year right here? They finally put a rescue kayak and lifesaver on the beach, but we still don't have a lifeguard. 

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