Why MAGA Hat Kid Incident Shifted Collective Consciousness 

Find out why the MAGA Hat kid incident in DC ignited a shift in the collective consciousness, marking a transformational moment for society.

An incident in Washington, D.C. involving MAGA hat wearing teenagers, a Native American drummer, and a…

Cabarete’s Best Cafés for Digital Nomads & Creatives 

There’s no place in the world like this tiny Dominican beach town on the North Coast. Explore the best cafés for digital nomads, artists, and writers working remotely from Cabarete Beach. 

The international water sports hub on the…

About Eternal Consciousness 

Eternal Consciousness A hip-hop rock track with dope raps and guitar solos, Eternal Consciousness is a track for jamming with the homies, cruisin' with the windows down, or for your playlist to listen to while you create art.  …

About Steppin' Stones 

Steppin' Stones An alt-indie psychedelic rock vibe with spiritual overtones and polyrhythmic beats and riffs backdropped by intense, fuzzy guitar solos and multi-dimensional harmonies.

“Steppin’ Stones is psychedelic rock track with existential lyrics about shifting perspective on

About Sage Song 

Sage Song  An acoustic sky-gaze track that sounds like water, feels like fire and is soft like the earth. To me, this song represents the growing pains of humanity and mother earth as we transition through this Great …

About Peaceful Pandemic 

Peaceful Pandemic: A Philosophical Jazz Rap for Self-Awareness, Shifting Perspectives & World Peace

“Peaceful Pandemic is a chill jazz hip-hop track with philosophical lyrics. It's about not getting lost in the chaos of the world, and how a