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What’s up family? I hope you are happy and healthy out there in the world. I know these are crazy times we’re living in. 

It’s easy to get freaked out by watching the news all day, I know, which is why I’m bringing you some weekly live streaming performances to take your mind off of the craziness for a bit. 

Also, I'm streaming because all my live shows have been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to this global shutdown. Most of my income comes from my live performances and without that, well, I’m without most of my income. You support is much appreciated and needed!

Below are some previous live streams I’ve made recently and would love if you can join us in the future!

My new concert schedule will be -

Mon/Wed/Fri @ 7pm and it’ll be broadcast from my personal Facebook page linked below.

I tried broadcasting from my music page (Aaron Matthew) but I don’t get any viewers from there even though I have nearly 700 followers.  

I’m still learning the best way to live stream audio/video, but something is better than nothing right? It’d be great if you can join us! I’ll take requests and Q&A and we can kick it together in the live stream. 

Click here to go to my personal Facebook page where I’ll be live streaming

I’ve had fun streaming the past week or so for everyone and appreciate all the support. If you’d like to support this channel and my art then please consider downloading music or making a donation in the tip jar! Thanks so much family! Use the social media icons on the bottom of this page to find me on social media! 

See you in the live stream!

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